#saveminecraft: An Introduction

What is #saveminecraft?

#saveminecraft is a movement united in opposition of Minecraft Java Edition's chat reporting feature. Chat reporting was added in version 1.19.1 (commonly called 1.19.84) by Mojang Studios and Microsoft. Our goal is to advocate for the removal of the chat reporting system or a new system which empowers server owners and operators instead of endangering Java Multiplayer. We want to do this by peacefully protesting this change and spreading awareness.

This site, the official #saveminecraft website, is focused on spreading awareness about this addition, allowing people's opinions about chat reporting to be made easily accessible, and educating people about this feature, limiting the spread of misinformation as a consequence.

Why should I care?

This feature has far-reaching effects that could effect many people including you. One of the biggest criticisms of this movement is that, "This just won't be a big deal." On existing platforms with moderation like this, such as Roblox and Bedrock Edition, the amount of harm caused is immense and the amount of benefit it offers is miniscule at best.

How can I help #saveminecraft?

One of the best options to help is to sign the Chat Reporting petition, and joining our official #saveminecraft Discord server. Our discord is where we communicate on this movement and help spread awareness. You may also want to consider spreading awareness about this change to your friends. You may also want to consider sharing this website with them. We want Microsoft and Mojang to hear our concerns and remove/revamp this feature.